We were tasked with increasing sales for Oreo biscuits by 10% over the Christmas holidays. At the heart of our campaign was a concept to encourage mums and kids to work together to create something a little bit different – Oreo Christmas Reindeer. We kept the recipe simple but made the reward enticing to encourage families to share their entries on the biggest social platform – facebook.

Social Promotion

We built a custom application on the Oreo facebook page that gave users step-by-step instructions on how they should firstly create their recipes and then upload them to our page to enter the promotion for a chance to win £10,000.

We advertised the promotion on a variety of channels including in-store near point-of-purchase and through supermarket channels including their weekly magazines that went out to customers.

We increased sales in-store by 16% over Christmas and grew the Oreo facebook following by 1000+ users over the promotion period.